Sheffield's best restaurants

If you're looking to book from our incredible Sheffield escorts range we want you to have the opportunity to book the best experience possible. So here's a little history behind some of the best places to eat in Sheffield, and where we recommend you our escorts in Sheffield.

Once famously known as the city of steel, Sheffield has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Since the majority of its factories and foundries were closed down many years ago, this charming northern city has reinvented itself as a cultural city full of surprises. One of the areas where this city has significantly developed is food and restaurants. The north used to be known for mainly serving beige food like pies and pasties, but over the past 20 years, things have changed significantly. Sheffield now has a number of world-class restaurants that serve the very best of contemporary cuisine.

One the town’s most popular and long-running culinary establishments is the exceptional Marco at Milano, which is owned and managed by husband and wife proprietors Marco and Yasmin Giove. Focusing on traditional and classic Italian food, you can expect both passion and perfection from your food and the atmosphere is always lively and welcoming. If you enjoy fine dining, Rafters provide a complex and very popular tasting menu for the kind of price you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in the country. Though yet to be awarded one of the coveted Michelin stars, locals maintain that it is only a matter of time for this lesser-known northern gem.

Affordable dining opportunities

Not everybody craves the opulent luxury of a fine dining experience and many actually prefer something a little cheaper and more straightforward. If this is the case for you, Sheffield definitely has you covered. The Street Food chef provides an incredible array of vegan and vegetarian food from around the world as well as some hearty meaty options. The beer engine mixes tapas with exceptional craft brews from local and international producers and Tea With Percy is a no-nonsense café that offers a good old fashioned cup of tea as well as an array of scones, biscuits and snacks.

So when you think of food in Sheffield, try and leave behind the old images of pie, chips and gravy and consider the city well and truly up to date. Whether its molecular gastronomy or an updated version of a modern British classic, you can find practically any type of food in this thriving, charming, northern city. 

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